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Guidelines & Policies for an Enjoyable Visit

The following Guidelines & Policies were established to maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety and maintenance, with a “Good Neighbor Policy” in mind. Since every contingency cannot be covered in a set of rules, from time to time modification may be necessary.
Your compliance is very much appreciated and will ensure a pleasant stay for all guests.

Check-in Time: 2:PM
Check-out Time 11:00 AM
All Guests must check in and register upon arrival.

Quiet Hours:
Please be considerate of your neighbors.
Quite hours are from 10pm to 8am.

Speed Limit:
Please obey the posted speed limit of 2.5 MPH.
Strictly enforced
for the safety of your children and pets.

Don’t Park on the Grass!
We have a sprinkler system. Don't put anything on the grass without permission.
Do not park or drive thru empty sites.
RV Sites are to be kept clean and orderly we do not allow clutter.
No Rugs on the grass.
All Water hoses/sewer-hoses must be free of leaks.
Sewer hoses must have a “do-nut” or threaded attachment into the sewer.
We do not allow tents in the RV Park.
No sleeping in vehicles outside of the RV.

Smoking is not allowed in ANY of the parks buildings.
Please dispose of your butts in a receptacle NOT on the park grounds.

All trash must be BAGGED and put in the dumpster.
Please Break down boxes before disposing in dumpster.
Do Not leave trash outside or in the back of your pickup as it draws critters.

Offroad Vehicles/Atvs:
Motorbikes, ATV, Razors, and golf carts are prohibited in the RV Park.

No parking in the street or grass. We have sprinkler system.
We only allow two autos plus RV per RV Pull thru site.
Vehicles must be in good condition and no oil leaks.
Excessively noisy vehicles “altered exhaust system’” will not be allowed in the park.
All RVs must be fully self-contained, well-kept and in good condition.
Rv’s 15 years or older must be approved by Park Management.

Children & Visitors:
All Visitors MUST check in at the office.
Please notify the office if you are expecting a guest PRIOR to them arriving so they will be allowed to enter the park.
All Visitors MUST be out of Park by 10PM.
Children under the age of 16 must be supervised and accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.
Skateboards and in-line skates are not allowed inside of the RV Park.
There is no riding of bicycles or playing on empty sites or sidewalks.
You are responsible for the safety and conduct of your children and visiting guests.

Pets are welcome.
Max pets allowed is two.
No Exotic pets of any kind including farm animals.
No pets are to be left outside tied up.
Dog pens of any type are not allowed.
All pets must be on a 10’ leash or less at all times when outside.
IMMEDIATE cleanup and proper disposal of your pets waste is required and enforced and is the responsibility of the pet owner.
Pets are not allowed inside any of the RV Parks buildings.
We will not allow aggressive or disruptive pets such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepards,Chow Chow, Doberman Pinschers, Mastiffs or any cross of.

Effective use of the laundry room is made possible by your cooperation.
Please clean Washers and dryers after each use and obey all posted signs in the laundry room.
NO outside clothes lines allowed.
Do Not wash pet bedding, Rugs etc.
No excessively dirty laundry in machines.
No dying of clothes in washers.

No Vehicle or RV repairs.
NO Maintenance activities, Fluid changes (Oil, Gas, Diesel).
Washing of Autos – RV – Boats etc. is prohibited.

Fires & BBQ:
No Fires are allowed in the park.
Commercial Gas or Charcoal BBQ pits are allowed.
All fires are to be out by 10 PM and cleaned up.
Let coals in your BBQ pit extinguish themselves.

Fireworks & Firearms:
Fireworks of any kind are NOT allowed in the RV Park.
Firearms of any kind are prohibited in the RV Park.
Bows and Crossbow are prohibited in the RV Park.

Proper Conduct:
No loud music or nuisances created by guests/visitors will be tolerated.
We do not allow abusive or vulgar language.
Drunkenness is not tolerated.
No criminal or drug related activity will be tolerated.
Breaking of Guidelines or policies is grounds to be asked to leave.

Showers are for Overnight guest only.
Weekly and monthly guests please use your own restrooms and shower facilities.

No Trees are to be cut, trimmed damaged or harmed in any way.

Sub Rental:
Recreational vehicles at Sleeping Lady RV Park are to be used solely by the owner.
No Rental or loaning of RV’s is permitted.

Service Agreement:
Rental of an RV space does not constitute a landlord/tenant agreement. Payment for sites including cabin rentals is entirely for services rendered under a host/guest arrangement. You will not have any tenant rights if you are evicted from the park for any reason.

Theft of Service Law:
According to Texas Penal Code Section 31:04(b), any guest who leaves without paying for site services or who refuses to pay for site services when due is subject to criminal prosecution. We are providing service hook-ups for your RV. We require full payment in advance and will prosecute any violations under the “THIEF OF SERVICES LAW”

Electricity Charges:
The monthly rate for electricity is computed according to the Texas Utilities Code as follows:
SUBCHAPTER C. METERING IN RECREATIONAL VEHICLE PARKS 184.034 COMPUTION OF CHARGES. (a) For the purposes of computing the charge for electricity under Section 184.033(4), the recreational vehicle park owner shall divide the amount charged the owner by the supplying utility for the preceding fiscal year by the total number of kilowatt hours consumed by occupants visiting the park in the preceding fiscal year and round the quotient to the nearest cent.

Please bear in mind that rates you may have seen advertised are probably residential non-delivered rates and not the delivered commercial rate RV parks pay which includes meter charges, availability charges. Taxes, etc.

Thank you for abiding by these Guidelines & Policies.
We hope your stay will be enjoyable and you will visit us again soon!

Damage to Park Property, including but not limited to: restrooms; utilities; landscaping; vehicles; street signs or signage is strictly prohibited. Guests will be held responsible for the repair of the damages. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Sleeping Lady RV Park assumes no responsibility for fire, theft, vandalism, natural happenings, injury, accidents or losses from any cause. Sleeping Lady RV Park is not responsible for any personal property. Sleeping Lady RV Park reserves the right to limit the stay and number of persons per site. Willful violation of these rules will result in termination of tenancy and barring from the property. These Guidelines & Policies supersede any previously written or discussed Guidelines & Policies; and rates may change at any time without prior notice. Please report any problems to Park Management immediately. Please notify Park Management of any incident or accidents as soon as possible. For Emergencies dial “911”

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