Park Policy:

  • Do not drive in grassed areas. THERE ARE UNDERGROUND SPRINKLERS.
    Individuals will be held responsible for damages.
  • Do not drive through or park in EMPTY SITES.
    RV sites are for PARKING RVs, they are not driveways.
    Individuals will be held responsible for damages.
  • NO VEHICLE MAINTENANCE on Sleeping Lady Property. (Oil change, washing, brakes etc.)
  • Sleeping Lady RV Park assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
  • All sewer connections must use a doughnut fitting, per Texas law.
    Violators will be responsible for any fines incurred.
  • No fish or wild game cleaning allowed on Sleeping Lady Property.
  • No disposal of fish or wild game carcasses on Sleeping Lady Property.
  • Rates are based on 2 Adults per site. Additional guests 12 and older are extra.
  • Please conserve energy by reducing or eliminating your heating and cooling requirements when you are not in your RV.
  • Maximum Number of Pets per RV site is 1. Additional pets require park approval.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times when outside.
  • Pets may not be left outside - tied or caged - when their owners leave the park.
  • Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up waste left by their pet. Pet waste MUST be bagged.
  • Extended stay – beyond 6 months – requires approval from Park owners. We do not offer RV sites for permanent residency.
  • Trash MUST be bagged before throwing in Dumpster
  • We are a friendly Park. Quiet time is 10pm-8am.
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